Supported languages and platformsΒΆ

Technology Available since Notes Status
Python 0.9.1 The first available plugin, supports WSGI (PEP 333, PEP 3333), Web3 (from version 0.9.7-dev) and Pump (from Works with Virtualenv, multiple Python interpreters, Python3 and has unique features like Aliasing Python modules, DynamicVirtualenv and uGreen – uWSGI Green Threads. A module exporting handy decorators for the uWSGI API is available in the source distribution. PyPy is supported since 1.3. The Python Tracebacker was added in 1.3. Stable, 100% uWSGI API support
Lua 0.9.5 Supports LuaWSAPI, coroutines and threads Stable, 60% uWSGI API support
Perl 0.9.5 uWSGI Perl support (PSGI) (PSGI) support. Multiple interpreters, threading and async modes supported Stable, 60% uWSGI API support
Ruby 0.9.7-dev Ruby support support. A loop engine for Ruby 1.9 fibers is available as well as a handy DSL module. Stable, 80% uWSGI API support
Integrating uWSGI with Erlang 0.9.5 Allows message exchanging between uWSGI and Erlang nodes. Stable, no uWSGI API support
Running CGI scripts on uWSGI 1.0-dev Run CGI scripts Stable, no uWSGI API support
Running PHP scripts in uWSGI 1.0-dev Run PHP scripts Stable from 1.1, 5% uWSGI API support
uWSGI Go support (1.4 only) 1.4-dev Allows integration with the Go language 15% uWSGI API support
JVM in the uWSGI server (updated to 1.9) 1.9-dev Allows integration between uWSGI and the Java Virtual Machine JWSGI and Clojure/Ring handlers are available. Stable
The Mono ASP.NET plugin 0.9.7-dev Allows integration between uWSGI and Mono, and execution of ASP.NET applications. Stable
V8 1.9.4 Allows integration between uWSGI and javascript V8. Early stage of development